An Open Letter To My Brother


An Open Letter To My Brother




You were 4 ½ years old when we (twin sisters) arrived and to say the least, you were not very happy that we had come to invade your space.  But gradually you started to pay attention to us.  We thought you were the coolest thing ever.  You had cowboy boots, a gun and holster and even a cowboy hat.  You would go outside every day to shoot at engineers on the train as they passed by.  They would wave and grin and play like they fell down when you shot them.  But one day, just as you  pulled your gun out of your holster, they all pulled toy guns and pretended to shoot at you…you fell on the ground in laughter.  To think that grown men went to all that trouble to make a little boy happy was amazing! 


You were the oldest so Mom and Dad were harder on you and I am sure you got tired of hearing that you needed to be setting a good example for us.  And when we started school, we didn’t get teased very much because we had a big brother to protect us.  I remember one time when I was sick, Mom let you ride Pati on the back of your bike to school.  On the way home, she fell off at the top of the hill and you were half way home before you realized it.  You quickly turned around and retrieved her.  She was fine.  I don’t remember if Mom and Dad ever found out about it.  And remember when Uncle Jack gave you Amber (a quarter horse)?  The first time you rode her, she took off down the road with you hanging on for dear life.  When you finally got her to turn down our road again you hollered to our neighbor on the corner, “Open the door Miss May, I am coming in.”


I remember the glow when you fell in love with that little Freshman girl.  You were a Senior but she stole your heart and 57 years later…she still has it.  I have always felt that you gave me another sister when you brought her into our family and the five children you two had, are mine also. We have no limits on love in this family.


You and Shirley helped me through my grief for Doug and nursed me through a   shoulder surgery and a knee surgery and I’ll never forget that.


We’ve both grown so much spiritually and I love our talks about this.  You are a beautiful person and I want you to know that you have always exceeded my expectations.  I love you so very, very much and I thank God for giving you to us every day.


Toni True-Wills, Ph.D.


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    April 16, 2014