What I love about the mountains is the fact that we have four distinct seasons and fall is one of my favorites.  The wonderful colors the leaves are turning, beautiful shades from bright yellow to glowing golden and orange-reds to deep  purples.  The pumpkin patches are full of every shape pumpkin you can imagine and our town streets are decorated with them plus corn stalks, hay and wreaths of leaves. The leaf lookers are walking around shopping, the motels and the B&B’s are full, and the parks are filled with hikers, bikers and motorcycle riders.  There is an excitement in the air and every evening you will hear someone say, “I can feel fall in the air.” If you are visiting, I guarantee that when you are leaving, someone will say,  ”you’ens come back and see us next year.” 


I remember the smells in the beginning of the school year, the new note books, pencils and book bags and having to wear our new jeans because we weren’t allowed to wear shorts. And hearing the sound of the school bell ring for the first time since last spring and seeing classmates again that we had not seen all summer long.  The Halloween Fest was held in October, which included seeing all the costumes and dunking for apples and throwing bean bags for winning prizes.  They are all just great, great memories.


When I think about fall, I think of pine needles, log cabins, bon fires and open fireplaces.  Our family reunions have always been the week of Thanksgiving and I have wonderful memories of these.  The conversations, the hugs, the sharing of stories and food…and the love is unlimited!


It’s time to get your sweaters and long pants out and don’t forget to get your chili and favorite soup recipes down because soon you will need something warm in your tummy.


So go outside and walk around and watch the leaves fall and the squirrels gather nuts. Allow yourself to get in touch with nature before winter comes and if you do decide to rake the leaves into piles, please let your kids jump in the middle of them. It will be one of their favorite memories.


Toni True-Wills,    Ph.D.





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