God is Love



God Is Love




I believe that God supplies the energy of love.  I also believe our soul is the energy of God’s love… our eternal God spark…our spirit…the light within us. I know for sure that love is limitless and all powerful and yet we humans abuse it by not allowing it to flow from us. Please take time to think about how different our world would be if we allowed ourselves to do this.  I’ve had people say, “Well it would be great if the world was like that, but it’s just not!”  Why?


What do most of us want in life?  Love and respect, sharing our problems and receiving feedback, the ability to trust and expect honesty, laughing with others, having faith and being able to travel our spiritual journey, using our God given gifts to help others…sounds like a pretty good life to me.


So what keeps us from coming from love?  If we’re not coming from love, we are coming from fear.  Fear that life won’t be fair? Fear that others will succeed and we won’t? Fear of criticism? Fear that if we trust, we may be hurt?  All of these fears could come true, but are we really living life if we are living this way? Are we cheating ourselves and everyone around us?  I believe we are.


Life is too short to live it in fear. Fear is just a thought. A thought that can be changed! We have been told not to fear in the Bible and in just about every Christian and self-help book published. I read somewhere and I am paraphrasing… when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will change. Love is contagious…when we give love, it comes back ten-fold and if everyone would contribute, what a wonderful world this would be!


Toni True-Wills, Ph.D.










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