Joyful Eyes



 Joyful Eyes




Have you ever met someone who had joy in their eyes?  About 18 months ago I came across a daily reading in Daily Word that I thought was beautiful. I started using the first paragraph as a prayer. It reads as follows:


“Indwelling spirit of God, shine through my eyes.  Make them soft with kindness, warm with compassion, tender with forgiveness.  Let no impatience or condemnation cloud my sight. Let my being radiate contentment, joy and happiness.  Let me shine so that the Divine shines through me.”


I’ve said that prayer every morning since.  I have always heard that the eyes are the windows to our soul and I believe it’s true.  I also believe that we can tell a lot about what is going on with someone by looking into their eyes.  As a therapist, I’ve seen a lot of pain in client’s eyes.  I’ve also seen fear, anger and disappointment. Sometimes, we are so busy living our everyday lives, we forget to take the time to make eye contact with each other.  In this electronic age, we’re all on our cell phones or the kids are playing games and looking at their electronic device, that eye contact is seldom made.  This makes me so sad.  In order to have true communication we have to look into each other’s eyes and read each other’s expressions. I beg families to eat meals together, please put away all these devices during this time and find out what is going on in each other’s lives.


A few months ago, I was sitting on my porch having a conversation with a friend and when I looked up at him, he said, “Oh my gosh, you have the most joyful eyes I have ever seen!”


Don’t tell me that prayers aren’t answered!


Toni True-Wills, Ph.D.            


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