Lesson or Enlightenment


Lesson  or  Enlightenment?




I have often written about life lessons and how I believe that we are here on earth to learn. It wasn’t until someone said to me that they didn’t believe that God punishes us, that I realized that they did not understand what I meant by a life lesson.  Our lessons are enlightenments not punishments. The more we learn, the more enlightened we become and the more we are able to rise above our ego.  Our ego will define us by our limitations and we will live within those limits, which will impair our spiritual growth. Our ego is wrapped around material things, such as greed and power. How many times have you witnessed the changes in someone who gets a promotion or salary raise or unexpected money and greed takes over? I am not saying that it affects everyone this way.  If the person has a spiritual base, this won’t happen.  But I have witnessed it so many times.  It’s like their ego consumes them.  Their family and friends become less important and what they want becomes the most important thing and they live in constant fear that they may not be able to get the things they want or they might lose the things they already have.  When our ego is alive and well, our primary emotion is fear.  When we move our ego aside, we live the life we were meant to live with love as our primary emotion and our spirit shines through.


When I did my internship, I had a mentor who used to say, “When the pupil is ready the teacher appears.”  That’s not by coincidence.  In fact, in my life, there are no coincidences.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  We are put in  people’s  lives to share and learn from each other. 


I’ve had people say to me, “that was a hard lesson to learn!”  I say in response, if we don’t experience pain, we will never know joy.  We have to walk through the pain to get to the joy.  Though, instead of rejoicing in the joy, some people who are living in fear are waiting for the other shoe to fall.  They cheat themselves out of experiencing the joy and that is so sad to me.  The more joy we experience, the more we simplify our lives and the happier we find ourselves.


So the next life lesson or enlightenment you experience, sit down and process what you learned and rejoice over defeating that ugly ego again.  Keep the joy in your life alive and please don’t forget to share your joy with others, I feel sure that is what God intended.


Toni True-Wills, Ph.D.   


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