Light Within


Light Within



Have you ever heard the expression “She/he lights up a room when she/he walks in”?  Have you ever known someone like that?  They are usually very positive, love what they  are doing  for a living, value friendships and are very grateful for everything they have. They have learned to embrace the things that made them strong and let go of the things that slowed them down.  There are plenty of people in the world who are strikingly beautiful on the outside, but these people have an inner beauty.


When you first meet them, you realize that they appear to be filled with love.  They are excellent listeners and give you their undivided attention.  Their eyes are joyous and their smile is never far away.  Their laugh is contagious and people seem to gravitate toward them.  Their energy is seemingly endless.


Why do you think these people are like this?  Maybe they have perfect lives. Do you think it’s because they don’t have any problems? Surely not,  everyone has problems at some time or other.  It’s my belief that these people have a tremendous amount of gratitude, a deep inner peace and the light that shines within them reflects His glory!


Toni True-Wills, Ph.D.










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