Ordinary Days


Ordinary Days




What is an ordinary day? I’ve heard people say, “Oh, it was just an ordinary day”. But was it? Maybe it’s just in the way they looked at the day. Are they saying that in a whole 24 hours nothing out of the ordinary happened? Maybe it’s because they weren’t paying attention. I believe that every day has a special gift, it’s just that they’ve gotten so busy, they forgot to look for it.  It all comes down to our awareness and staying in the now. The gift may be as simple as seeing a beautiful red cardinal or as complicated as a life lesson.


In psychology we talk about our reaction to things and I always use the example of the rain. The farmer is happy when it rains because his crops are being watered, but the golfer is sad because he can’t play golf. The rain is the same. So, it’s really about how it affects us personally. But is it also about our acceptance toward whatever is happening. I think it’s even more than that, it depends on whether we’re more negative or positive in our attitudes.  Positive people see beauty, while negative people see problems. We can change our thoughts from negative to positive when we realize that we are the creator of our thoughts.  We determine what we put our focus on and when we choose positive things we live in love and light and recognize all the gifts we are given.


Today my gift is snow. I am watching it fall. The snowflakes are falling so freely and with so much grace. It’s a beautiful gift. It’s like each little flake is filled with love.  


Toni True-Wills, Ph.D.


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