I was praying this morning for peace on earth when I thought to myself, what is missing in this world?  Respect was the first thing that popped into my mind.  Respect is not taught like it was when I was growing up.  We were taught to respect our parents, our teachers, our relatives, our God, our country, ourselves and most of all each other.  We were taught to be grateful for everything we had which wasn’t much materially, but the love that surrounded us was beautiful! If something came up and our parents weren’t present, our neighbors were there and took over, whether it was to soothe a boo-boo or correct a wrong doing and no one got upset about that. My parents were glad it was handled and we accepted the neighbors love and attention with respect. It was a community effort.  Our community was called Pineville and it was a beautiful little area.  I recently attended a reunion at Pineville Grammar School and it’s still filled with love.  I was amazed at how many people showed up and how many wonderful memories were triggered. Everyone had so much fun, they decided to have one every year!


I look around today and I see so much disrespect and anger.  In fact, one of my prayers every morning is asking for the greed, the power and the ugliness in the world to be taken away and for us all to be filled with love and respect for each other.


What have we done to our children? I can’t say all children, but what has happened? There is little respect for teachers, little respect for religion, little respect for police, little respect for parents, little respect for life, it goes on and on.  When we do see a little respect shown, it’s so refreshing.  Some say it’s the parents… they just don’t care or they are too busy, or single mothers… they are too tired, or it’s the teachers… they don’t have any power so they can’t teach respect. The TV shows don’t show respect for each other either. Whatever it is, what is the solution? 


My clients know that I believe love is the solution to everything and they are right! I would ask everyone reading this to find a child in your neighborhood, church, Guardian ad Litem Program, Big Brother or Big Sister Program and fill that child with love!  I’ve met so many people whose life has been changed through someone devoting time and love to them.  I’ve said this many times… ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!


Toni True-Wills, Ph.D.


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