Have you ever thought of spring as a new awakening? Everything that is hidden in the ground is about to awaken. They will pop up their heads and show us their beauty. The trees will come alive, with some of them leafing and some of them flowering.  All the different shades of green are going to go on display and the hummingbirds will look in the exact same place where their feeders were last year to see if we’ve put their sugar water up yet.  The butterflies will be all over our yards showing off their beautiful colors and the birds will be singing from the bottom of their little hearts.  I’ll be sitting on my porch swing, waiting to catch the first glimpse of the new baby bunnies.  What has the winter been like? Have we all slowed down a little because of the weather?  Wind, rain and maybe even the snow has kept us in our homes a lot. But soon, it will be time to open the windows and let the fresh air inside.


I always think of my mom in the spring. It was her favorite season. I can’t think of one year that she didn’t plant sweet peas. She loved their aroma. She also loved roses and wore rose water instead of perfume.  She would spend January and February going through plant catalogs and marking pages so she could order them in early March. Dad used to help dig the holes, but I remember one year he fertilized her azaleas with real fertilizer and killed every bush. He dug them up and mom and I planted new ones with new soil around them.  I guess that the new ones had just the right amount because their blooms were beautiful.


Don’t you think this time of year would be a good time to take an inventory of ourselves and see what we could do to make our lives happier? Take some deep breaths, dust off your tennis shoes and put them on. Go outside and feel the warmth and love of the sun. Breathe in all the beauty and gifts that are given to us. Oh, and the most important thing, don’t forget to say a thank you prayer.


Toni True-Wills, Ph.D.











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