Today is the first day of summer.  Everything is so beautiful outside and the different shades of green are amazing. Birds are beginning to push their babies out of the nest, the baby bunnies are hopping around and my humming birds are drinking their sweet nectar. Wives are making their “honey-do lists” and husbands are trying to get them done. Teenagers are sleeping just as late as they possibly can and the air is filled with giggles from the little ones playing in the yard. Family plans are being made for vacations and cookouts are being planned for the weekend. Evenings are spent on the porch, waving at neighbors passing by. The lightning bugs are putting on spectacular shows every night and little light breezes are blowing across our faces. The days are longer and the smell of freshly cut grass is a welcomed aroma. The nights are filled with beautiful stars.


Wonderful memories of childhood are very prevalent. The pine needles we used to outline the rooms of our playhouse, holding each other up to pick persimmons off the tree, petting our chickens while they lay eggs (yes, I am not kidding, we even had them all named), picking blackberries and running home to give them to our mom for cobbler, riding our bikes, begging our brother to let us play touch football with the boys, crabbing off the pier and the wonderful swims we took in the warm river water.  Playing with the chubby little babies next door was one of my favorite things. I still love babies… my kids call me the baby magnet.   


We’re half way through the new  year and I must say it has flown by for me, but I  must also say that I have some great memories from this time period. My hope for you is that you’re making great memories for yourself daily! 


Toni True-Wills, Ph.D.






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