The Beauty All Around Us



The Beauty All Around Us




I’ve been traveling a lot lately and have had some beautiful scenery to look at and plenty of time to think.  Why do we as human beings get so busy that we completely ignore this beauty?  I’ll never forget one evening when I was facilitating group therapy (shortly after we moved to the mountains) we took a break and walked out on a deck and the scene took my breath away.  The sun was setting over the mountains and it was gorgeous.  One of my clients saw my face as I said, “Oh, how beautiful!”  She said, “Well, I’ve been here all my life and I don’t even notice it anymore.”  I exclaimed, “Oh how sad!” ”I hope I never NOT notice.” She said, “I guess you are right, maybe I’ve been too preoccupied to notice… I will start paying more attention.” It doesn’t matter whether you live in the mountains or near a beach or in the Midwest, there is beauty everywhere. Even the desert has blooms.  God didn’t cheat any of us.


I believe our life is as complicated as we make it and sometimes we make it real complicated!  Is it the drama we love? Do we surround ourselves with people who dramatize their problems, therefore we feel we have to top them?  Is it that our faith is so weak we don’t believe that we can work through our problems, so we sit in the problem instead of looking for a solution?  I believe that awareness is the first step to any solution.  We have to look at the problem with all honesty.  Are we obsessing about the problem? Are we blowing it out of proportion?  If we aren’t, then we need to accept it for what it is and look for a solution.  And finally, we need to take action to incorporate the solution.


We miss so much of the beauty of life when we are preoccupied with everyday life.  Would you agree that most of these are self- imposed? Have you ever asked yourself if the friends you have are negative or positive people.  Being around negative people will drag us down emotionally. Are you drawing negative people to you because of your own negative beliefs? Positive people see beauty, where negative people see problems.  I encourage everyone to surround yourself with positive people and enjoy the beauty of the people around you.


I started this writing talking about outside beauty, but what does your home look like inside?  Do you look forward to going home?  Is your family room a happy room?  Is your bedroom painted a calming, serene color so you can relax and enjoy it?  Don’t forget to take in the inside beauty too.  Our home should be our sanctuary.


How do we waste so much time in the face of death?  None of us know how long we will live. Why do we waste so much time on yesterday and tomorrow?  Why don’t we spend every minute in today?  I promise when we become aware and start living in the now and see the beauty around us, our whole life changes and we begin to live each day to the fullest!


Toni True-Wills, Ph.D.                 


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