What Does Your Inner Life Look Like?



What Does Your Inner Life Look Like?




I believe that in our outer life, we strive to look perfect.  It’s just human nature to want acceptance and maybe our ego also plays a part in it, but what does your inner life look like? Is it more honest? Is it more peaceful? Is it more pure, more joyful and loving?  I believe to live life to the fullest we have to look at our inner life. In “Living in The Moment” I talked about me telling my doctor that I was a strong person and him telling me that “You’re only strong when you can admit your weakness”. He said, “I’ve known you since you were a little girl, you were the perfect daughter, the perfect wife and the perfect mother. When are you going to allow yourself to just be human?” He gave me a beautiful gift, because I realized that I could just be human!


Our outer body is more like a costume.  A costume we will wear until we leave this earth so we should take care of it.  It’s what we present to everyone, but it’s what they can’t see, the inside that makes us who we truly are. Only the people who are the closest to us get to experience some of our inner life.


What are our conversations with God about? Are they about gratitude or are they about asking for things? Do we spend time doing for others or are we so self-involved, that we don’t have time for others? Are we taking more than we’re giving or giving more than we’re taking? Are we being critical of others or seeking God in them? Are we asking ourselves before making statements, am I saying this with love?


One of my most treasured moments from Doug (my husband who passed away in 2008) was when we had been to a party and he said to me, “You were the most beautiful women there.” I said, “Thanks Honey, but I don’t think so” and he said, “Yes you were… inside and out!”


Toni True-Wills, Ph.D.






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