What does being whole mean?  Does it mean to be complete? What does it take to be complete? Does it mean freedom, oneness with God, total inner peace? Does it mean total acceptance of our reality, total surrender (to give up the end result of everything?), completely filled with love? Maybe it means to be able to see everyone else through God’s eyes or to feel a part of everyone and everything around us.  Does it mean total trust…total faith?


Having worked in addiction for 28 years, I have observed that what most addicts are searching for is inner peace.  I’ve heard, I never fit in…I’ve always felt an emptiness within…I feel so restless, etc., etc., etc.  The alcohol or drug takes the gnawing emptiness away, but only for a little while. The spiritual longing is there as soon as the drug wears off. It’s like their soul aches.  After working 8 years in hospitals, I witnessed that patients grasping the spiritual part of the 12 step program stayed sober and the ones who didn’t, usually relapsed within the first year.


 I believe that Carl Jung was right. He talked about this intense and at times painful craving which is a deep thirst for our own wholeness, our spiritual identity, our divine source or God, “The thirst of our soul for wholeness…the union with God.”


Some say that we are born whole.  Babies do have all the components. They are totally vulnerable (opening up of the heart), they are bundles of love (they bring joy to everyone around them), and they trust the people in their lives. All we have to do is look into their little eyes to see their beautiful little souls shining through. They are little miracles! I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Maybe, some start to doubt as they grow physically and fail to grow spiritually because of their emotional experiences and this is when the thirst for their wholeness begins.                        


We all have our own spiritual path to go down and we grow in our awareness of the now every day.  Please don’t miss any of the beautiful gifts that God gives to you. It is my hope that the questions in the first paragraph will inspire you and help you define your own spiritual beliefs.  Maybe, we are perfect and whole… just as we are!


Toni True-Wills, Ph.D.   



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